Glucose Meter / Glucometer

Glucose Meter / Glucometer
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Stress is at the root of almost all chronic diseases and the biggest contributor to stress is low-level inflammation within the body. The most common cause of hidden inflammation today is the dysregulation of blood sugar/glucose levels.

There is at most one teaspoon of glucose in the blood of a healthy person. When glucose levels get too high (eg. high consumption of refined/processed sugars) or get too low (eg. from long endurance exercise) the body releases hormones that help balance sugar levels in the blood.

The more times the body is forced to balance blood glucose levels the lees effective it becomes at doing the job. Eventually the body is unable to perform this balancing act 100% of the time and this leads to inflammation, tiredness, illness, disease, and finally death.

If there is one tool that every single person whether they be suffering an illness or not could use to take control of their health it would be a glucometer.


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