Moving Pictures

These videos take you on a journey of self-discovery, food education, sports nutrition, positive community action, environmental awareness, and spiritual enlightenment.

Make a healthy snack, sit back, and get ready to be taken to another level of being in the world.


  • Symphony of the Soil – by Deborah Koons Garcia (more info)
  • That Sugar Film – by Damon Gameau (more info)
  • Overfed and Undernourished – by Troy Jones (more info)
  • Origins – by Mark van Wijk (more info)
  • Captain Fantastic – by Matt Ross (more info)
  • Revolution – by Rob Stewart (more info)
  • Choice Point – by Harry Massey (more info)
  • Cereal Killers – by Yolanda Barker (more info)
  • Run on Fat: Cereal Killers 2 – by Yolanda Barker, Donal O’Neill (more info)
  • E-Motion – by Frazer Bailey (more info)
  • Happy – by Roko Belic (more info)
  • Moldy – by Dave Asprey (more info)
  • Vitality – by Pedram Shojai (more info)
  • The Perfect Human Diet – by CJ Hunt (more info)
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr (more info)
  • Inside the Garbage of the World – by Philippe Carillo (more info)
  • Humano – by Alan Stivelman (more info)
  • Carb-Loaded – by Lathe Poland (more info)
  • The Cure Is… – by David Scharps (more info)
  • Finding Joe – by Patrick Takaya Solomon (more info)
  • Food Inc – by Robert Kenner (more info)
  • Edible City – by Andrew Hasse (more info)
  • Inhabit – by Costa Boutsikaris (more info)
  • Bought – by Bobby Sheehan (more info)
  • Genetic Roulette – by Jeffrey Smith (more info)
  • The Tapping Solution – by Nick Polizzi (more info)
  • Fed Up – by Stephanie Soechtig (more info)
  • Fat Head – by Tom Naughton (more info)
  • Song of the New Earth – by Ward Serrill (more info)
  • Alive Inside – by Michael Rossato-Bennett (more info)
  • The Widowmaker – by Patrick Forbes (more info)
  • Farmageddon – by Kristin Canty (more info)
  • King Corn – by Aaron Woolf (more info)
  • Sweet Misery – by J.T. Waldron, Cori Brackett (more info)



  • The Biology of Perception – Bruce Lipton Ph.D (view video)
  • Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do – TED (view video)
  • Allan Savory: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change – TED (view video)
  • The Sugary Truth – The Tremendousness Collective (view video)
  • Stress, Portrait of a Killer – Full Documentary (view video)
  • Matt Lalonde Nutrient Density: Sticking to the Essentials AHS12 – AncestryFoundation (view video)
  • Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? – TED (view video)
  • Edible Education 103 with Michael Pollan – UCBerkeley (view videos)
  • William Davis – Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain – TheIHMC (view video)
  • Sugar: The Bitter Truth – University of California Television (UCTV) (view video)
  • Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0 – University of California Television (UCTV) (view video)


Picture: Salvatore Vuono |